Case Study – World Rowing

World rowing is the federation responsible for hosting and running several events each year which engage millions of people around the world. For obvious reasons, not all of these people can attend every event as they take place all across the world in over 10 different countries and the time table for these events change every year. This presents World Rowing with a unique challenge and opportunity to give millions of online spectators a chance to view live streamed races from all of their events on their website video link. For this reason, it is vital for the progression of the sport that social and digital media is used to its full extent. World rowing use several different types of digital media including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and live streaming on their website to engage as much of the rowing community as possible.

World Rowing also tweet live results as soon as they happen continuously on their twitter account as well as posting photos on Facebook from each day of their events. At every single event World Rowing also have a YouTube account where they post videos of interviews with high performance athletes at the regattas in order for their fans to see the inside happenings in the lives of these athletes, as well as written interviews which are then posted on their website.

Have a look through their website here, in order to gauge the extent that this exciting sport uses digital media platforms –


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