Digital Marketing and Sporting Campaigns

There are different ways that sports teams can gain recognition online through the use of social media websites and digital media platforms. (Sheiner, T. 2012.). Sharing new and exciting content online about your sports team through the use of social media marketing now seems to be engrossing thousands of sports fans. “Fans follow and interact with their favourite teams, athletes.” (Jernigan, 2014). It allows them to closely follow the journey and happenings of their specific sports team through their Twitter page and Facebook pages. “Now, social media has become the go-to resource for many fans seeking fan photos, news, information and behind-the-scenes peeks for their favourite teams.” (Blakely. 2012)


“It’s hard to imagine that just a few short years ago (in 2009), the SEC actually considered banning social media at sporting events, before adopting a much more realistic and beneficial not-for-profit social media policy – allowing fans to post updates and pictures, as long as they made no money doing so.” (Blakely. 2012) However, now, at sporting events – there are QR codes to scan, there are digital banners along pitches for digital marketing for example at Murrayfield Stadium, Scotland (see below).

Sporting events use digital marketing in many ways. For the Commonwealth Games 2014, many high profile athletes took part in a advertising campaign, however, the Commonwealth Committee opted for a different approach on their TV advertisement which featured athlete animations which was broadcast in order to to promote the games worldwide.


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